Distribution of Content

Vid20 is known as one of the biggest independent digital content providers in the world with more than 20 years of experience.
More music videos than any other company on the planet are distributed through our storage and delivery infrastructure each and every day.

Our unequaled skill in the art of content distribution and packaging, along with our streamlined process for quick, error-free delivery to all digital platforms, make us one of the most dependable companies in our field.

We have the same preferred status with Amazon, Google Play, and the VUDU store as an Apple preferred encoding facility. With Preferred Status, we can deliver directly into stores and are your quickest delivery option.


Customer Service

At Vid20, we put customer service at the center of all we do, from our quick-to-respond sales team to our coordinators who effectively walk you through the release process. Our knowledge has been essential to our success online, and the majority of our team members have worked at Vid20 for years.

Monitor Your Income

You can monitor the actual performance of your content across all platforms with Vid20 unique monetization platform . Do you want to evaluate your marketing and advertising efforts? Log in to access sales information that enables you to track performance by territory, platform, etc.. Vid20 keeps track of your earnings history and accurately displays any royalties that are owed to you. Never again be in the dark regarding your income.

Let's Talk

Choose Vid20 for your content distribution and syndication needs and unlock the full potential of your brand's content. Together, let's captivate audiences, drive engagement, and achieve remarkable results.